Mother and Daughter Silver Shamrock necklace set


Mother and daughter clover necklaces
This listing is for a set of two necklaces.
Also, options available for the small and large necklace individually.
The set is discounted.

1. Large, fine silver clover necklace (about 21 mm) on a sterling silver chain.

2.Medium, fine silver clover necklace (about 18 mm) on a sterling silver chain.

Hand made of recycled fine, pure solid silver. Because it is pure silver (.999), the pendant will not tarnish, as it contains no nickel.

Both Chains are 22", sterling silver adjustable chains.

All of our silver pendants are made by hand and are pure, solid silver, which is .999 as opposed to sterling silver, which is .925. Because it is solid silver, it contains NO nickel, and therefore will never tarnish, even when worn in water.

Final piece of jewelry comes on a Maya Belle Jewelry description card and an eco-friendly linen and hemp pouch ready to be gifted.

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