Dainty Lotus Necklace

$99.00 $99.00

Ready to ship for a last minute, but meaningful gift. 

Choose either sterling silver or gold (shown) 

24k heavy plated gold right over sterling silver, for a rich and gorgeous satin gold without the price of a solid 24k gold piece.

Heavily plated with a 1-micron thick layer of pure 24-karat gold—a far more substantial layer than traditional plating.

Symbolism of the Lotus:
With the emergence of the sun, life is born. And with this emergence, the lotus flower acquires a special meaning and timeless significance. As the bearer of creation, the lotus flower holds a special place in mythology, in nature, in our lives. It symbolizes not only creation, but the timeless and continual process of birth and rebirth. At night, the lotus flower sleeps. At sunrise, with the waking of the sun, the lotus flower emerges to life. Just as in nature. Life is born, and reborn. Man dies, to be born again.


**The exterior of our chain is 14kt gold and everything you can see or touch is a solid layer of 14kt gold. This is why it will never tarnish, chip or wear off. The gold layer on gold-filled is approximately 100 times thicker than gold-plate as and is bonded with heat and pressure.

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**If you would like to add a birthstone to this necklace, please click on the following link:

**Final piece of jewelry comes on a Maya Belle Jewelry description card and an eco-friendly linen and hemp pouch ready to be gifted.

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