Two Large Molded Dog Noses Keychain


Two Molded Dog Noses Keychain

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Two Molded Dog Noses on a sterling silver keyring. Each fingerprint is taken from a mold.

Mold Kit:

After Purchase, you will be sent a mold kit with instructions on making your custom mold(s) which is included in the price. Your mold kit comes with a bag for each mold you make, on the bag there will be one with a heart and another with a circle. Please place your molds in the bag with the shape you would like for it. Each kit comes with a prepaid return label. The final piece and molds are sent to you via Priority mail (US only - Canadian shipping will be sent via First class) for you to treasure as a keepsake.  The molds can also be reused again in the future.


Before Checkout:  

Please choose add initials (or not) If you choose not to have initials on your pendants you may leave the text boxes blank.

Please note that the above images are made from one individuals prints ... your print will not look exactly like the images above, as each print, person, and finger lines are unique.


metal is pure silver.


 Thank You!

Final piece of jewelry comes on a Maya Belle Jewelry description card and an eco-friendly linen and hemp pouch ready to be gifted.


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