Fingerprint Keepsake Bracelet



Preserve your precious fingerprint or thumbprint for eternity with a beautiful silver, or bronze and gold bracelet.

Simply upload the fingerprint or thumbprint you'd like to use for this piece after you place your order. You can upload the fingerprint when ordering or email it to me along with your order number to:

If you need directions for getting a good fingerprint, please see the last image with the directions. 

This will become a family keepsake to cherish forever and to be passed on.


All of the silver pendants are made by hand and are pure, solid silver, which is .999 as opposed to sterling silver, which is .925. Because it is solid silver, it contains NO nickel, and therefore should not tarnish, even when worn in the shower or ocean. It's also best to wear it constantly. 


Bronze is extremely strong and durable.  It's a wonderful alternative to gold for the pricepoint.  All of the images you see in gold are a bronze pendant with a 14k gold filled chain.  Bronze will naturally patina over time, if you prefer to keep it shiny, you can use a polishing cloth.  It's also best to wear it constantly. The chains are all 14kt gold filled and will not tarnish in water. 


    If you already have the image of your print (or prints if you are ordering multiple charms), you can email the image (or images) to me as a JPEG to: If you do not already have the print I will provide instructions you need to obtain the best possible print.

    Final piece of jewelry comes on a Maya Belle Jewelry card and an eco-friendly linen and hemp pouch ready to be gifted.

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