Mandala Fingerprint Necklace



Mandala Fingerprint Necklace in Silver or Bronze

The word Mandala means "circle". A Mandala represents wholeness, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds.... a circular design symbolizing the notion that life is never ending.“Mandalas” surround us everyday... the sun, the moon, and our circle of friends and family.  

This listing is for one large Mandala pendant necklace (in your choice of either pure bronze or pure silver) with a fingerprint on the back on an adjustable 22"in chain in either sterling silver (comes with silver pendant) or 14k gold filled (comes with bronze). The print is taken from an actual ink or pencil copy.

Before Checkout:  

Please choose from either silver or bronze and upload a jpeg file of the fingerprint you would like on the back.

Please note that the above images are made from one individuals prints ... your print will not look exactly like the images above, as each print, person, and  lines are unique.


Metals are pure bronze and pure silver.

14K Gold Filled Quality vs Gold Plating:

The exterior of the gold chain is solid 14k gold and everything you can see or touch is a solid layer of 14k gold. This is why it will never tarnish, chip or wear off. The gold layer on gold-filled is approximately 100 times thicker than gold-plate as and is bonded with heat and pressure.


Thank You!

Final piece of jewelry comes on a Maya Belle Jewelry card and an eco-friendly linen and hemp pouch ready to be gifted.


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