Cat Nose Ornament


A forever keepsake of your cat's nose or paw print. Handmade in solid bronze, each piece is individually created from a mold of your cat's nose. It's simple, quick, and completely safe for your pet!


  • A mold kit, as well as a pre-paid return label, will be shipped to you right away. (same or next business day)
  • Create the mold with the kit materials (instructions included)
  • Return the molds to me with the pre-paid label (if you are outside of the US, please see rules and regulations)
  • I'll handcraft your piece, engrave your pet's name, and ship it back to you!
  • Your original molds will be sent back with your finished piece

Each nose or paw print is unique to each pet, just like a fingerprint!


Please refer to my store policies for more information regarding molded prints which are custom and made to order for each customer, therefore nonrefundable


Final piece of jewelry comes on a Maya Belle Jewelry description card and an eco-friendly linen and hemp pouch ready to be gifted.

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