Making Fingerprint Impressions From a Mold

Using Sculpy III


1. Make sure hands are clean and dry. (any fuzz or particle that may be on the fingers will appear in the mold, and ultimately, in the final fine silver piece. So, it’s important to make sure nothing is on the part being molded.


2. If you can, examine the hand/s and choose a part of their unique print/design to get a beautiful and defined impression. (I personally like to obtain that beautiful swirl seen in the finger)


Each bag of Sculpy III is enough to create 2 prints. If you have ordered only fingerprint, you can use the remaining clay to create a 2nd print and I will choose the best one.


4. Open bag of Sculpy III, take half of the Sculpy inside, roll it into a ball, and simply place the finger to be molded gently into the clay. (Since it is clay, you can redo the print if you aren’t happy with the first results simply by re-rolling the clay back into a ball.)


Once you have your desired print/s, bake the sculpy to harden and set the mold....


5. Preheat your oven to 275 degrees F (I suggest using a toaster oven if you have one since the pieces are so tiny. The clay is non-toxic, but it is a good idea to line your baking tray with tinfoil since it’s not a food material.)


6. Bake at 275 degrees for 15 minutes.


7. Once your mold is cooled off, place it in the ziplock baggie with the small piece of card-stock.


8. On the card-stock, please write the desired initial/s and placement (either front or back of the charm)


Please note that if any additional engraving is desired (and I’m able to fit it), a small fee will be charged for the extra silver needed to stamp more than initials.


9. Securely tape your Prepaid return label onto the yellow (or white)  bubble envelope that the molds originally came in and place your hardened mold/s into the envelope and ship!

You can give the package to your mail-carrier or drop it off at any local United States Post Office location



Please feel free to reference my youtube channel for a video example of taking a good fingerprint mold.




If a new mold kit is needed, a small fee of $12.00 for the cost of materials and shipping will apply.