Making Pet Impressions from a mold

Using Sculpy III

Tip: work the mold material with your fingers first to soften and warm it up. It will give you a better impression and be easier on your fur baby.

1. Make sure pup’s nose/paws are clean and dry- as possible:)..any fuzz or particle that may be on the nose or paws will appear in the mold, and ultimately, in the final fine silver piece. So, it’s important to make sure nothing is on the part being molded that you don’t want in the final, silver piece.


2. Each bag of Sculpy III is enough to create 2 or more prints depending on the size of your fur baby.  Feel free to take a nose and paw print.  The molds will be returned to you for safekeeping and you can always order more in the future if you’d like.


I highly recommend taking a look at the video tutorial I made below on youtube (skip to about 4:30 sec to see how I made my dog’s nose print for the first time)


3. Open bag of mold material, take half of the mold material inside, work it with your fingers first, which will warm and soften the clay to make a better and more gentle impression for your dog.


4. Roll your softened clay into a ball, and gently press the clay onto your dog's nose or paw. It is important to keep a ball shape because it creates the the depth needed for a beautifully detailed impression (please don't flatten the clay).


Once you have the desired print/s, bake the mold to harden and set the mold...


5. Preheat your oven to 275 degrees F. (I suggest using a toaster oven if you have one since the pieces are so tiny. The clay is non-toxic, but it is a good idea to line your baking tray with tinfoil since it’s not a food material.


6.  Bake at 275 degrees for 15 minutes.


7. Once your mold is cooled off, place it in the ziplock baggie with the small piece of card-stock.


8. On the card-stock, please write the desired initial/s and placement (either front or back of the charm- I always recommend the back so, as to not cover any of the beautiful print)


Please note that if a name is desired, I’d be happy to stamp that as long as I’m able to fit it.


9.  Securely tape your Prepaid return label onto the yellow (or white)  bubble envelope that the molds originally came in and place your hardened mold/s into the envelope and ship!

You can give the package to your mail-carrier or drop it off at any local United States Post Office location




If a new mold kit is needed, a small fee of $12.00 for the cost of materials and shipping will apply.