Pet nose or paw print in 22k gold


Your pets nose print or paw print preserved forever in pure, 22k gold. This piece is made from SOLID, 22k gold and is NOT plated.

Comes on your choice of 14k gold filled chain.
Choose from:
cable, box, or bead chain
Each chain is 22" long and adjustable to as short as you'd like it to be.
Shown on cable chain.

Charm size shown is 16mm / or/ .5"

Choose to have a large charm showing more of your pets nose or paw print. This piece is a detail of my lab's nose print (she was a 120 lb lab)

You can use an existing mold or I can send you a mold kit.
*LIMITED quantities of 22k gold available*

* A mold kit, as well as a pre-paid return label, will be shipped to you right away. (same or next business day)
* Create the mold with the kit materials (instructions included)
* Return the molds to me with the pre-paid label (if you are outside of the US, please see rules and regulations)
* I'll handcraft your piece, engrave your pet's name, and ship it back to you!
* Your original molds will be sent back with your finished piece

Each nose or paw print is unique to each pet, just like a fingerprint!

**Also note that the above images are made from one individual pet's prints ... your print will not look exactly like the images above, as each print and mold is unique.

**I will send you a mold kit right away to take your pet's paw and nose print, along with a prepaid return label to send the kit back to me. Your molds will be sent back with your finished piece. I will provide instructions you need to obtain the best possible molds.

**Finished piece comes on a Maya Belle Jewelry card and an eco-friendly linen and hemp pouch ready to be gifted.

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