Fingerprint Keepsake Charm Necklace - Customer's Product with price 248.00 ID qyILfstWkr9CCHmMA8sNC1Oa


How Many Charms Total on This Necklace? 1
Charm 1 Material Bronze
Charm 1 Size Small (~16mm / 0.5in)
Charm 1 Shape Circle
Image Upload for Charm 1 Fingerprint Url -
Add Handwriting To Reverse of Charm 1 Add Handwriting (50)
Image Upload for Charm 1 Handwriting Url -
Necklace Chain Material 14k Gold Filled
Necklace Chain Style Box (Gold) (49)
Birthstones November - Citrine (20)
Your Piece ID qyILfstWkr9CCHmMA8sNC1Oa
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