Notre Dame Rose Window South Rose Window


The South Rose Window of Notre Dame.

The South Rose window of Notre Dame was deigned by Jean de Chelles and Pierre de Montreuil and was installed around 1260.
The main themes throughout the south window are the Triumph of Christ, the New Testament and the symbolic number four.
The diameter of the window measures 12.9 meters across.
The central medallion depicting Christ, is surrounded by four concentric circles.
Below the Rose is 16 spear-shaped windows, going along with the theme of the number four, where 16's square route is 4.

Choose either the Rose Window as seen from the INSIDE of Notre Dame, or the Rose window, as seen from the OUTSIDE of Notre Dame.
**In the first three images, the inside of Notre Dame is on the left, and the outside of Notre Damn is on the right.

When you have experienced great loss… The kind that takes the wind out of your lungs and leaves you feeling like the blood just left your body… It’s almost like that feeling is always there like a partially sewn wound that breaks open. When you hear about other great losses it starts to bleed again. That’s how my heart feels for the people of Paris.
Humans only walk the earth for a certain amount of time... we all know this… Notre Dame is something that we would all expect to be there for many many lifetimes the way that it has been already. A reminder to all of us that nothing is constant but hope and love in our hearts... that, we can carry with us. God Bless you Paris.

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